Crowdinvesting is equity-based crowdfunding where members invest in projects for a revenue return. 

Unity Is Wealth is giving you the opportunity to own equity in Wealth Tribe - an extension of Unity Is Wealth.

We are raising funds by way of crowdinvesting/crowdfunding and promising a return on your investment

90 days after all funds are invested.

BUT...We are only taking up to 99 investors!

These investors will collectively have a 20% share of Wealth Tribe, making each investor an equity holder. 

"What are we financing?" 

Project previously discussed.

If you would like more information before agreeing to invest, please sign up for our emails

Our business plan will be available for view soon!


"What is our goal?"


"Do I have to be a UIW member to invest?"


"Is there a minimum/maximum investment amount?"

Each investor must invest a minimum of $1000, equaling one .2% share.

The maximum investment option is $5000, totaling 5 shares, or 1% per investor.

"When will funds be taken out of my account?"   

Once we have reached our goal of 99 investors (or $99,000.00 - whichever comes first),

we will send you a link to enter your bank information.

Please expect to invest as early as June 7th.

"As an investor, how often will I receive a 'payout'?" 

All payouts will be done quarterly (every 3 months).

"Where can I sign up?" 

If you're ready to invest today, scroll down and complete the requested info.

We will send you updates via your preferred method of contact, as our launch date approaches. 

We are not accepting any funds until list is full - a launch date of June 7th is expected.

If you are currently only interested and not sure you want to invest,  please do not complete information below.

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"I've signed up to invest! What's next?" 

As our launch date of June 7th approaches, we will send you regular email updates, the business plan, a nondisclosure agreement, and the link for you to send investment funds.You may also check back here regularly to see updates.

Preferred Method of Contact


By checking this box I certify that I have read all information above. I understand that I am signing up to be an investor for Wealth Tribe at the amount I selected . I also understand that this is NOT a submission of INTEREST, but a submission to be a GUARANTEED investor on June 7, 2019.

Thank you for your agreement to invest with us! You will receive an email in the next 48 hours about your next steps.

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