Unity Is Wealth kicked off its very first #BlackDollarChallenge in August 2018. Since, we have continuously provided a fun and exciting way to win money - and not only do the winners look like you, but your chances of winning are better than the lotto and mega millions. With the #BlackDollarChallenge, your skin is your ticket in! 


You could be next because it's go time again! If you are unfamiliar with the challenge, please see FAQs below. You may also search the hashtag on IG or follow @Pop_Darby for more info.  We hope you will participate this month. You just may be the winner! 


"What is the #BlackDollarChallenge?" 

The #BlackDollarChallenge is the #BlackLotto, where we can prove our power not only to ourselves, but also to each other while empowering each other though currency. 


"How do I participate in the #BlackDollarChallenge?"   

CashApp $1 to $BlackDollarChallenge (name will show as Black Excellence) and in the "for" section type the name of the business/individual you are submitting a vote for. 1 dollar = 1 vote.


"Who can participate in the #BlackDollarChallenge?"

Your skin is your ticket in! As long as you're black, you qualify to win! But anyone can submit their dollar and vote for you! You do not have to be a member of Unity Is Wealth to participate or win.


"May I submit more than 1 dollar?" 

Of course! The more votes/dollars submitted on your behalf, the higher your chances are in winning!


"How much money is awarded to the winners?"

That depends solely on the community and how many votes we get! At the end of the month, half of the pot goes to the 1st place winner. First place winner is the person with the most votes. Each dollar is a vote. Additional prizes vary depending on the amount of funds in the pot. Any prize after first place is chosen raffle style. Again, each dollar is a vote. So if you have 5 votes, your name is entered in the raffle 5 times. Remaining funds go to Unity Is Wealth and building for the community!


"How many times can I vote?"

As much as you'd like! 


"How long do I have to vote?"

The entire month. Votes start at 12:00am on the first of every month. Unity Is Wealth stops taking votes at 11:59pm on the last day of each month. Any votes sent in after 11:59pm are contributed to the next month.  


Now lets get it family!

Good luck to all participants!