Unity is Wealth is a digital revolution that allows groups of people to create a community impacting association with the mission to economically empower the undeserved, while giving them the information and opportunity needed to become self-sufficient. Its members are boots on the ground in the community and have a historic reputation for giving back, the products and services are geared toward creating an instant benefit to peoples lives and intentions.

The mission of Unity Is Wealth is to unify a network of visionaries creating their own economy to end poverty & oppression. 

The vision of Unity Is Wealth is to create a world with an abundance of opportunity where everyone has access. Each decision we make will improve the quality of life for all people through programs and activities, with emphasis on Unity, Self-Determination, Collective Work & Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity and Faith. Unity is Wealth is committed to increasing local, national, & international attention to the devastating impact that economic deprivation has in the average American community. Creating platforms to be solutions for every problem faced worldwide based on the undeserved helping the undeserved.


Communal Funding

By creating a membership of business owners with like-minds and goals, we are able to facilitate funding opportunities with membership dues, group purchasing of member products and community outreach initiatives. 


Unity is Wealth provides resources, books & presentations to grow the minds of budding entrepreneurs. From business plan templates to tax information, to grants, we make it simple to learn what they need to thrive.

Social Exposure

Networking is the key to the success of our initiative. With a reach of over 40 million and growing, we provide exposure to businesses through group chats, calls and social media placements, allowing fellow members to support and offer help.



I'm Jeremy Darby, Intellectual Property Strategist and Founder of Unity is Wealth. I help minority entrepreneurs in the process of developing or scaling their business, who are finding difficulty funding their initiatives through traditional methods, to grow their businesses into thriving sources or reliable income with little to no debt, by providing education, dedicated resources and financial backing through organized communal platforms.


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